Born in Delhi, the daughter of a senior Govt.Servant, Dr.S.Bhanumati, richly proficient in her mother tongue Tamil, the national Language Hindi and International Language of English.

has been teaching Chemistry  at Gargi College, University of Delhi for the past four decades.

Educated at Lal Bagh Inter college and Lord Canning College, Lucknow University. During her illustrious career she has also made her mark as an accomplished speaker, writer, singer, artist and educationist. In her 25th year of service, she composed the Gargi College – anthem in both Hindi and English in which she set  an example of the harmonious integration of knowledge, science, art and literature.

Dr.Bhanumati was awarded the status of “minimalist” in America for her suggestions on microscale chemicals and their applications.

Dr. Bhanumati credits her thirst for knowledge and accomplishments to her illustrious parents Sh.R.Soundarrajan and Smt. Padmasini her elder sister Smt.Vijaylaxmi and her Lal Bagh School.

Dr.Bhanumati will present through Mishni Books,  her vast collection of stories for children, captivating poems, Ghazals, supernatural stories, cartoons and other short works of literature.

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