Author: Malini Rajendran

 Innovator, environmentalist, educator, social worker, entrepreneur and a global citizen, with this debut novel she adds writing and publishing to her multifaceted life. Vastly travelled and trained in classical music. At 56 Malini Rajendran (Alias Mishni) is now an entrepreneur busy chasing her dreams.

A Fulbright scholar, of the IAELP 2006 ( Indo American Environmental Program) at Cornell University - School of Hotel Administration {SHA}, USA ; obtained a Bachelors of Science Degree in Botany from the prestigious Gargi College , University of Delhi. She has a Masters in Psychology, a B.Ed and a Diploma in Environmental Law. 

Chairman and Founder Director of MIECOFT (Mission to Implement Eco-Friendly Technology) she is an expert in Waste Management and has developed and patented the Waste into Wealth program.  She founded Roshni Foundation a charitable trust in 2009 with a mission to improve people’s lives by providing light, with special focus on people who live in remote villages and for those who do not have access to reliable source of light.

In 37 years of formal engagement her professional ride has been through many territories like Radio broadcasting, Theatre, Education, Hospitality, Aviation, Event Management,   Environmental Technology, Food Safety and Corporate Training. She holds honorary positions on the Executive Committees of many Civic Bodies and Woman's Organizations. 

A practicing Silva Graduate she lives with her family in Delhi.

Link with Malini Rajendran's on her facebook page.

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