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Set in the background of the Musical World, it is a New Age uplifting and moving love story with four distinctive messages. 
That irrespective of race, colour or creed we are all one and interconnected. The unifying force of love breaks all barriers, bridges all differences and heals all.
The powers of the universe work on the principle of cause and effect and Destiny is one of its manifestations.
For everything there is a time and a place under the sun and nothing happens before its time. For every soul there is a soul mate waiting to be found.


When the puppeteer hands of an autocratic father figure manipulates the past, present and future of four different people, we journey into the quest of the Night Raaga. Built and run by the Nonagenarian Aachen as an ancient temple of learning and discovery, RAAGA House is an isolated world within a world.
Michel a reputed musicologist seeks out the legendary teacher Aachen in search of new dimensions to his research on the healing powers of music. He finds himself caught in a completely different journey of discovery. He realises his research at RAAGA house is going to take him in many different directions. That it would involve dealing with the unseen force of Swara, was the least of his expectations.

Aachen has lived too long and now it is time to resolve this ‘unfinished business’ that is holding him back on earth. Playing God he orchestrates the future and corrects the wrongs of the past. Using Shruti, Juan, Swara and Michel to complete his task he leaves this world at peace, having composed the last Raaga before the dawn – The Night Raaga, the raaga of true love, union and fulfilment.

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